Area Service Systems

In order to conserve and prioritize limited road construction and maintenance efforts, roadways in the county fall into one of three area service designations. These service levels outline the effort, expense and attention such a designated road shall receive.

Area Service A:

Roads shall be maintained in conformance with applicable state statutes

Paved roadway Area Service Level A
Gravel roadway Area Service Level A

Area Service B:

A county road designated Area Service B shall not require the normal maintenance standards applicable to trunk, trunk collectors or area service system A roads.

Minimum effort, expense and attention will be provided to keep the area service B roads open to traffic consistent with the required usage of the individual road. Bridges may not be maintained to carry legal loads but will be posted as appropriate to advice any load limitations.

The various maintenance activities performed on the area service level B road system will be as follows:

  • Snow and ice removal, weeds and brush, legal loads, shoulders, crown, and uniform width may not be maintained at all or only on a regular basis.
  • Blading, bridges, culverts, road surfacing, repairs or maintenance will be done only on an as-needed basis consistent with the usage of the road.
  • Regular inspections not conducted.

All area service level B roads are identified with a sign at all points of access to warn of the lower level of maintenance.

Dirt roadway Area Service Level B
Dirt roadway example of Area Service Level B

Area Service C:

The purpose of this ordinance is to classify certain roads on the area service system in the County as Area Service "C" roads so as to provide for a reduced level of maintenance effort and restricted access, pursuant to Iowa Code Section 309.57 as amended by House File 419 (1996).

An Area Service "C" road has a lesser level of maintenance effort than other public roads, and public access is limited and subject to trespass.