2020 IRVM Updates

Man walking along roadside prairie.

2020 IRVM program updates

2020 IRVM program produced the largest number of native plantings since its start in 2016.

This was due to the hard work of the Secondary Roads crews cleaning out ditches along roadsides, replacing field drives, installing culvert pipes, and bridge repairs.

The interest in the Adopt a Prairie program also played a large part with increased interest from residents. Currently 35 residents are partnering with the IRVM through the Adopt a Prairie program to replace their mowed rights of way to a diverse stand of native grasses and flowers.

New Herbicide

New in 2020, crews started using a safer herbicide for roadsides and natural areas that is practically non-volatile.

TerraVue covers a broad spectrum of 140 weed species including total control of wild parsnip, wild carrot, and poison hemlock).

Learn more about the herbicide on this link and the documents attached below:


January 1, 2021