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Rock Island Arsenal Defense Alliance

Rock Island Arsenal Defense Alliance (RIADA)
331 W. 3rd St. Suite
Davenport, Iowa 52801

  • Rock Island Arsenal Defense Alliance (RIADA) is a Chamber-affiliated 501(c)(6) nonprofit corporation, leading initiatives to support and grow the Rock Island Arsenal and Quad Cities defense industry. It includes local elected officials, private sector leaders, education officials and community leaders.
  • The Rock Island Arsenal Defense Alliance (RIADA) announced their legislative priorities for this year which build off the tremendous successes achieved over the past several years that help to align the activities at Rock Island Arsenal with the National Defense Strategy and Army modernization priorities. 
  • This year’s priorities include:
    • Innovation at the Advanced Manufacturing Center of Excellence
    • Sustaining workload at RIA-JMTC (Joint Manufacturing and Technology Center)
    • Support sustaining missions for other components of Rock Island Arsenal to include Joint Munitions Command (JMC), First Army and Army Sustainment Command (ASC)
    • Support adequate facilities and resiliency on Rock Island Arsenal
    • Support further investment in workforce development and enhancement opportunities for defense manufacturing communities
  • FY23 budget includes $17,400 for the RIADA contract. The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce has responsibility of this contract.

Grants and Service Contracts:

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