Remembrance of Glen Erickson

This is Glen Erickson

Remembrance of Glen Erickson

Many current Scott County employees and elected officials did not know or have the opportunity to work with Glen Erickson. But even though Glen retired in 2001 the influence of his leadership at Scott County still can be felt. Glen placed a high value on dedicated public service, cooperation & collaboration and each employee’s and citizen’s responsibility and right to ensure and have good government. At the time Glen started as County Administrator in 1981 the position had only recently been created and he was the second individual to hold the position. He was instrumental in initiating the PRIDE program that continues to this day. Through his leadership he enabled Scott County employees to serve the citizens of Scott County with professionalism, responsiveness, involvement, dedication and excellence, which of course spells PRIDE.

He worked with Supervisors, elected and appointed Department Heads and individual employees toward a common goal of good government and fiscal responsibility. Glen initiated the budget process of designating budget analysts to review and advice the administrator on all departmental and authorized agency budgets. He also began the practice of the Board of Supervisors making annual visits to the various Boards and Commissions that they appointed members to serve on. Open government was fundamental to his philosophy of County Administration.

Finally his leadership in bringing the Quad Cities together as the “Quad Cities” was also significant. He used considerable diplomacy, consensus building, and integrity to encourage and achieve intergovernmental cooperation amongst the various municipalities that make up our region.

Glen did this all with good humor and a positive attitude. He strived to make every employee feel valued and their service worthwhile. He set a high standard for County government that we hope can continue here at Scott County as we continue to practice PRIDE in the way we do our jobs.

Timothy Huey
Planning Director

October 1, 2019