Land Records

Screen shot of the land record search page on AVA.


AVA is a FREE web-based search option available to the public. Please click the button below to access land records in AVA.


Laredo Anywhere logo.

Laredo Anywhere

Laredo Anywhere is a mobile-friendly, account-based search tool that allows users access to advanced search capabilities. This power tool allows users to customize their searching experience to fit their unique needs.

To sign up for Laredo Anywhere; print and fill out the Laredo Anywhere Agreement (PDF) and send to the Scott County Recorders Office.


Property Fraud Alert

Property Fraud Alert is a free notification service that alerts subscribers when a document has been recorded in the Scott County Recorder's Office. This service is FREE and you choose how you are notified; by text, email and/or phone.

Visit or call the Scott County Recorder's Office at 563-326-8621 to sign up.


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Interested in having data and images streamed to you? Contact the Scott County Recorder's Office for subscription information.