Youth Transition Decision-Making Program (YTDM)

Program Description

Established in 2017, the Youth Transition Decision Making (YTDM) program is a “youth-centered,” evidence-based model that assists juveniles in transitioning back to their home community after long term residential placement.

Youth are required to have 3 meetings – one meeting within 30 days of placement, one meeting 30 days prior to discharge from placement and one meeting 30 days post-discharge. The goal of the meetings is to gather all “stake-holders” to the child’s success and develop a transition plan. The transition plans address educational needs, medical/psychiatric/mental health needs, housing, employment, relationship supports, self-sufficiency, social engagement, and behavioral needs.

Benefit to Community - Measurement

There are several reasons. YTDM’s are in the best interest of the youth and our community. It creates a shared responsibility for planning, decision-making and task accomplishment. YTDM’s work because youth are given the opportunity to voice what their goals and dreams are for the future. They are not only giving a say in the planning process, they are leading that process. The empowerment youth experience in the YTDM process results in higher levels of youth engagement, buy-in and ownership. Youth feel empowered and as a result are more motivated to achieve their goals. Our ultimate goal will be to improve outcomes and lower juvenile crime and recidivism.

Capital Costs

This program incurs no capital costs as it is provided at the residential placement home or in the home of the child.

Offsetting Revenue

On-going operating expenses for this program will be covered by an inter-governmental contract with the Decategorization Board from funding funneled from Juvenile Court.  Scott County will charge $375 for the initial YTDM meeting and $300 each of the two subsequent meetings. Food and transportation costs are reimbursed as well under this contract.