The Code of Ordinances of Scott County, Iowa

The 2017 version of the County Code of Ordinances incorporates into the original document all amendments adopted through April 20, 2017.

The County Code of Ordinance is updated throughout the year as changes are approved. The supplement shows any ordinances amended or repealed after April 20, 2017. Amendments are located on the right column and the supplement section at the beginning.

2017 Code of Ordinances with Amendments

Chapter Title Amendments
Table of Contents - Codification
Supplement Updated
1 General Provisions
2 Board of Supervisors
3 Appointed Officers and Departments
4 Boards and Commissions
5 Construction Codes
* See Amendments ->
6 Zoning for Unincorporated Areas
* See Amendments ->
7 Airport Height Zoning of Scott County Davenport Airport
8 Rural Addressing System
9 Subdivisions
* See Amendments ->
10 Parking Ordinances
* See Amendments ->
11 Restriction on Parking of Trucks on County Streets in Residential Subdivisions
12A Road Classification Service System (Service System C)
12 Road Classification Service System (Service System B)
13 Traffic Code with Schedule of Fines
* See Amendments ->
14 Snow and Ice Removal on County Roads
15 Massage Establishments
16 Casual Sales
17 Alarm Systems
18 Dangerous Weapon
19 Fireworks
* See Amendments ->
20 Litter
21 Hazardous Substances
22 Industrial Property Tax Value Added Exemption
23 Private Sewage Disposal Systems
* See Amendments ->
24 Non Public Water Supply Wells
* See Amendments ->
25 Public Health Nuisances
26 Quarantine and Isolation of Persons or Animals
27 Lead Program
28 Emergency Medical Services
29 Municipal Infractions
30 Issuance of Permits
31 Curfew for Persons Under the Age of 18
32 Solid Waste Haulers
* See Amendments ->
33 Local Option Sales and Service Tax
34 Animal Control
35 Drug Paraphernalia
36 Tax Sale Certificate
* See Amendments ->
37 Election Precincts
38 Social Host
39 Tanning Facilities
* See Amendments ->

* Indicates amendment exists for this ordinance. Amendment files are found in the right column.
** Indicates amendment file is not available online. For more information about this amendment, contact the Administration Office.

Citing This Document

The ordinances embraced in this and the following chapters and sections shall constitute and be designated as "The Code of Ordinances of Scott County, Iowa, 2017" and may be so cited. The Code may also be cited as "Scott County Code, 2017".

This code was adopted by the Scott County Board of Supervisors per Ordinance Number 2017-03 approved on the 20th of April 2017.

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