Protesting an Assessment April 2021

County Assessor Office Operation: 

Due to COVID-19 concerns, the Scott County Assessor’s Office remains closed to the public, but continues to operate during regular business hours by email and phone only.

Please do not visit the Scott County Admin Center unnecessarily putting yourself and others at risk for services that are already provided online.

Protesting an Assessment:

By Iowa law, property owners can only protest their property assessment in the month of April annually. See dates below to determine protest periods. To allow property owners the opportunity to protest their assessments if desired, Scott County provides the following options:

OPTION 1 - Informally Review Your Assessment:

  • Informal Assessment Reviews are held from April 2 through April 25th annually.
  • Contact the Scott County Assessor’s Office by email or phone & request an informal review of your property assessment with appraisal staff. If prove an adjustment is warranted, staff can make the adjustment, and there is no need to protest formally with the Board of Review.

OPTION 2 - Formally Protest to Board of Review Online: 

  • Go to
  • On left side menu, choose Parcel Query.
  • Find your property, scroll to bottom of page, click Appeal Assessment header.
    • Link only available from April 2 through April 30th.
  • Follow protest instructions.


  • Board of Review appeal forms are also available on IDR website at:
    • Board of Review forms can be mailed or emailed to the Scott County Assessor’s Office.
  • Email Protests to Board of Review. Even if not using an official protest form, emails can be accepted as protests. At minimum, the email must identify the property(s), give reason(s) for protesting, and give protestor name and contact information.

More Information On Protest / Appeal Options:

April 1, 2021