Step 2: Pre-notice Review

A property owner does not have to wait until assessment notices are mailed, the Informal Assessment Review period, nor the Board of Review period to discuss an assessment with the Assessor’s Office.  Property owners can contact the Assessor’s Office anytime with assessment questions, to notify appraisal staff of property data errors, or to request an assessment review and/or property inspection.

Discuss assessment with the Assessor’s Office:

  • This is a FREE and INFORMAL process.
  • Between October and February is the best time to do this.
    • This is when appraisal staff are in the field.
  • Can discuss any assessment questions and get answers.
  • Can handle at the lowest possible level.
  • Gives the Assessor a chance to review the assessment.
  • In most cases avoids the need for any further, more formal assessment appeal process.

Why might an interior walk-through inspection be required?

  • To fix property data errors.
  • To determine current condition & quality.
  • If it has been a long time since appraisal staff have been inside the property.
    • Note: Property owners reserve the right to refuse entry. However, please know this makes an accurate assessment more difficult, if not impossible.
  • To ensure most up-to-date and accurate property data records.