Victim/Witness Support Services

The Victim/Witness Program of Scott County provides prosecution-based services to victims of crime and focuses attention on the rights of crime victims. The Victim/Witness Specialist at 563-326-8745, is responsible for providing service referrals and information to victims and witnesses in Scott County.

Services provided include:

  • notifying victims and witnesses by phone or letter regarding the status of a case
  • referring victims to service and compensation sources
  • advising victims and witnesses of their rights under the law
  • registering victims
  • providing other local and state criminal justice agencies with lists of registered victims

The Victim/Witness Division:

  • prepares and tracks subpoenas for criminal court cases
  • makes travel and lodging arrangements for out-of-town witnesses
  • prepares letters to employers when necessary to explain court appearances for witnesses
  • serves as liaison with all law enforcement agencies in Scott County regarding pending court cases and appearances by law enforcement officers
  • serves as liaison to counseling agencies and refers sexual or domestic abuse victims to those agencies
  • provides notification services for contempt of court hearings under the Iowa Domestic Abuse Law
  • collects victim information and bills for restitution

The Victim/Witness Specialist also helps victims and witnesses during trials and hearings find the proper location where they are needed. The coordinator also reassures those who will be giving testimony and arranges for any assistance necessary to make the victim or witness as comfortable as possible.


For information on the custody status of an offender, contact the Iowa Victim Information & Notification Service (Iowa VINE)