Property Owner Proposed Tax Levies Notices


Release date:  March 19, 2024

Contact: Kerri Tompkins, Scott County Auditor 563-326-8631

Scott County Auditor, Kerri Tompkins, and her staff have released the notice to property taxpayers today. 

“House File 718 was passed on May 4, 2023 via Iowa legislators to keep property owners informed,” said Tompkins.

The notice is required to notify taxpayers of proposed tax levies by each overlapping tax district for an individual parcel. Individual letters will be mailed to each parcel owner of property within Scott County. Parcel owners will see each property tax parcel’s city, school, and county public hearing date, time and location as well as contact information for each taxing body. Additional information will include potential property tax impacts per $100,000, however, this may change on actual tax levies. 

Please contact each taxing district as provided on the notice for further information. 

March 19, 2024