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Why Should I Sign-Up?

When emergencies happen, be the first to know.  Scott County will use Alert Iowa to send official, real-time alerts to the public with information about potentially life-saving actions that you may need to take to keep yourself, your family, and your household safe. By signing up for Alert Iowa, you are taking a large step toward improving your safety by receiving text, email and or text alerts.

When you sign-up online, you can:

  • You can create one user account for a whole household or family!
  • You can add multiple people, including their contact information, add multiple addresses within Scott County
  • You can add multiple addresses outside of Scott County to receive alerts from that County as well
  • And you will have multiple language options if English isn’t your primary language.

 What does Creating an Account Do for Me?

Creating a user account provides flexibility for you to manage the people and contacts attached to your alert preferences. You will also have the ability to choose a language of preference for alerts,  provide information for an access and functional needs registry, and the ability to choose how you receive alerts (voice, text, email).

What Kind of Messages will I receive? 

There are multiple options!  Example messaging could include weather-related information, urgent messaging groups, and several other city options like; snow emergency, utility outages, trash collection, or recreational events messaging.

How Do I Sign-Up for Alert Iowa?

You can sign up online through a web opt-in page for Scott County, visit or download the Smart911 App. The app allows you to receive limited alerts without creating an account.

Can I Sign-Up Without Internet Access or a Computer?

Yes.  If you are of 60 years of age or older, you can reach out to Milestones Area Agency on Aging for support with questions & answers, registering an account, and ongoing management of that account.  Contact them by calling 1-855-410-6222, between 8:00 – 4:30, Monday – Friday.  For after-hours or weekend calls, you may leave a message providing your name and phone number, and your call will be returned.

Or, if you have a smartphone, you can text to opt-in or download the app. If you do not have a smartphone or internet take advantage of community programs or spaces, like a library, where you can get free access to the internet to sign-up.

Or, you can text ScottIA to 673-83 to receive Tornado, Flash Flood & Severe Thunderstorm warnings.  By selecting this sign-up option, you will only receive the messages listed above, and the only delivery method will be by text.

Can I Receive Alerts for Multiple Counties?

Yes! You can add additional addresses outside of your County to your portal. Once you do, any alert lists offered by that County will be made available to you to opt-in to. You can also text opt-in to other counties as well.

How Much Does it Cost?

Alert Iowa provides this service at no cost to the public; however, message and data rates may apply depending on your provider and phone services.

Can You Guarantee that I Will Receive Notification if I Register?

While Alert Iowa is an excellent system, we cannot guarantee that you will receive notification in all cases. Disasters and emergencies are chaotic and unpredictable, and notification is dependent on external providers such as your wireless carrier or email delivery service outside the alert originator’s control. Alert Iowa will use several means of communication to try to ensure that should anyone communications method, technology, or delivery option be unavailable to reach residents; other methods will be used to improve the likelihood that citizens will see the message. You should sign up to receive multiple modes of contact, including voice, text, and email. Text messages are more likely to get through to you if lines are busy due to an emergency. Downloading Smart911 also provides another mode of communication and alerting.

When Will I Start Receiving Alerts?

Once you have signed up and confirmed your contact information within the system, you will begin receiving alerts.

What Precautions are Taken to Protect Personal Data in Alert Iowa?

Personal information provided to Alert Iowa is private and only used to notify you for official communications and to support emergency services.

Your information is not used for marketing purposes and will not be sold to telemarketers or data-mining organizations. A variety of “opt-in” mechanisms are available to ensure you get just the messages you want to receive, delivered via the devices and communications modes you choose.

Alert Iowa utilizes the highest standards in physical and computer security technologies and conducts regular audits to ensure all information is kept secure. Privacy policies are also outlined in the Terms and Conditions you review when you sign up to receive Alert Iowa notifications

**Scott County Emergency Management Agency will no longer have access to edit your personal information or preferences**