Safe Guard Iowa

The Safeguard Iowa Partnership is a voluntary coalition of the state's business and government leaders, who share a commitment to strengthen the capacity of the state to prevent, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters through public-private collaboration. Scott County Emergency Management Agency is a proud member of Safeguard Iowa Partnership.

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Safeguard Iowa Partnership Releases “Take 5” Campaign to Encourage Business Continuity Discussions

Des Moines, Iowa – January 14, 2016 -  Beginning January 15th, Safeguard Iowa Partnership will be releasing the “Take 5” campaign.  This program is designed to engage business owners and their staff in discussion about disaster response planning and how they would respond to potentially critical situations.

Each month during 2016, Safeguard Iowa Partnership will release a different scenario designed to promote safety and security discussions while building resilience within Iowa’s businesses.  These discussions, or mini tabletop exercises, include topics that include man-made and natural disasters ranging from workplace violence to severe weather.

Safeguard Iowa hopes that these five-minute discussions will promote planning, training and education related to safety and security within Iowa companies. The scenarios will be posted on Safeguard Iowa Partnership’s webpage as well as social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). All twelve scenarios are available for your business by contacting Safeguard Iowa at [email protected].