HazMat & Community Right to Know

The Quad City Local Emergency Planning Committee is the Community Right-to-know organization for Scott County.

As such, the QCLEPC is responsible for developing the response plan for chemical releases and emergencies in the community and for keeping an inventory of facilities in the community that store regulated quantities of Extremely Hazardous Substances (EHS).

The response plan for Scott County is included as a portion of the Scott County Emergency Operations Plan. In that plan, hazardous materials are one of fifteen emergency support functions or ESF's that are included as function specific plans to address various disciplines and planning areas. ESF-10 Hazardous Materials is the emergency response plan for dealing with chemical emergencies and releases in Scott County. The current plan is attached below.

The listing of EHS facilities in Scott County is available by contacting David Donovan, Scott County Emergency Management Coordinator, [email protected]