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Scott County is part of the State of Iowa alert system called Alert Iowa.

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*How-To Documents or Videos to Help with Signup*

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Do you already have a new Alert Iowa account, but you can't remember the web link to access the login screen?  Please click on the link below to access the web-based login page. 


What is Alert Iowa?

Alert Iowa is a county/statewide mass notification and emergency messaging system used by state and local authorities to quickly disseminate emergent & non-emergent information to residents in counties that utilize the system.


**Transitioning to a New Alert Iowa Vendor: Important Information to Know**

The Scott County Emergency Management Agency is announcing a change to our Alert Iowa public communication tool.  This system is utilized to inform our residents of emergencies such as weather or missing children (Amber Alerts).  The State of Iowa has contracted a new vendor to provide this communication tool, which will significantly enhance the opportunity for the residents of Scott County and the entire state of Iowa to be notified of emergencies.

  1. The new Alert Iowa platform began on July 1, 2021.
  2. For Scott County residents & visitors of our community, an official public campaign will be launched highlighting the enhancements of this new system, tentatively in September 2021
  3. While the Scott County Emergency Management Agency continues to work with other partners to develop the new enhancements, the new version of Alert Iowa (the statewide mass notification and emergency messaging system) is operational & ready to serve your needs.
  4. If you previously signed up for Alert Iowa and currently receive emergency messages from Alert Iowa, that will continue. We have imported those phone numbers and email addresses to provide uninterrupted service. However, to best leverage the enhanced capabilities of the new platform, we will ask existing subscribers to update their information in the new system. Additional reminders and information regarding how to update your information will come to existing subscribers directly, later this summer.
  5. The system will not duplicate the message/alerts that you’ve opted to receive.  For those residents or visitors whose information was imported into the new system, and after you create your account with the new Alert Iowa vendor.  It will NOT duplicate the messages that you will receive.  The system will automatically recognize the duplication and “filter” the secondary message out before it sends.
    1. For example, I was registered with the previous Alert Iowa system to receive tornado warnings.  My information was imported into the system, and now I have created an account with the new Alert Iowa system to receive tornado warnings.  If the NWS issued a tornado warning, I would ONLY receive that alert one-time.  Since my information was imported & I re-registered it within the new system, the system automatically filters out my duplicated information while sending out EVERY message/alert I’ve opted to receive.

As we continue to develop & plan for the full deployment of the new system, including new system enhancements, we will be offering additional public opt-in options for other public safety information and other non-emergent public communication feeds. 

After you’ve registered with an account, please watch for these ongoing changes within your Smart 911 account, either on the phone application or their website.


Options to Sign up with the New Alert Iowa Vendor:

  • Create an account by clicking the link above or below.
  • Text ScottIA to 672-83.
    • This option allows you to receive Tornado, Flash Flood & Severe Thunderstorm warnings.
  • Download the Smart911 app from the Apple or Google Play stores, and create an account.

At any time, should you decide you no longer wish to receive messages, you will now have FULL CONTROL of what messaging you wish to continue, add, or stop.

This system is powered by the Rave Mobility System and the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System (IPAWS). For the messaging within Scott County with the Rave Mobility system, it is under the control of the Scott County Emergency Management Agency.

For additional information on Alert Iowa, you can contact the Scott County Emergency Management Agency by calling 563-484-3050.


More Information for our Community:

At this time, this system will be used as an emergency notification system during all-hazard and life-safety events.

The system is available, free of charge, to all citizens in Scott County, and we encourage everyone to register at least one contact method.

Alert messages may contain photos, videos, and audio attachments to help subscribers better understand the situation at hand or find additional information.

These messages will typically be specific to your community or the communities for which you register. However, with current technology, specifically relating to weather warnings that the National Weather Service issues, the messaging will be based on the “shape” of the storm and its projected path.

Again, signing up for Alert Iowa is easy and can be done through by clicking the “Sign Up for Alert Iowa” link above or below, sending a text, or downloading the Smart911 app. All residents who are currently registered are being asked to re-register with our new system.  This action will allow you (the resident or visitor) to manage what information you want to receive and make changes to the messages that you would like to receive as your see fit.  Additionally, you can update your address, personal information, or any other data points that you would like at any time.  Scott County Emergency Management Agency will no longer have access to edit your personal information or preferences.

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