Learn Hands Only CPR

2 Steps to Save a Life. 1. Dial 911 2. Press Hard and Fast

Learn Hands-Only CPR to Save Lives

Hands-Only CPR is CPR without mouth-to-mouth breaths. It’s recommended for use by people who see a teen or adult suddenly collapse in an out-of-hospital setting.  Hands-Only CPR is easy to learn, doesn't require rescue breaths, but can still save lives!

The American Heart Association (AHA) reports that Hands-Only CPR performed by a bystander has been shown to be as effective as conventional CPR with mouth-to-mouth breaths in the first minutes of an out-of-hospital sudden cardiac arrest.

View an entertaining YouTube video featuring comedian and actor Ken Jeong to learn more about this innovative new CPR technique (EMBEDDED BELOW)

Genesis Health System Emergency Preparedness Coordinator Al Loeffelholz and Chuck Gipson, Medic EMS manager of quality and education, are organizing an initiative to expand the awareness and instruction about Hands-Only CPR to organizations, businesses and schools throughout the area.

Through a generous grant from the Genesis Foundation, Chuck and Al have purchased 40 CPR Anytime kits for use and distribution as they meet with organizations, businesses, and schools so they can leave information and practice materials. For more information about Hands-Only CPR for your organization, contact Al at [email protected] or Chuck at [email protected].

December 13, 2016