Electronic or Digital Communications Devices Prohibited

In the interest of safety and security for all who enter the Scott County Courthouse, persons who enter the building are advised of the following:


Electronic or digital communications devices include, but are not limited to, any device that can be used for voice communication, text communication, e-mail, internet access, sound recording or the taking of any photographic or video images. General examples of such devices include cameras, video recorders, audio recorders, cellular and digital phones, computers, and all similar electronic, cable, digital, computerized or other forms and methods of recording, transmitting, or communicating.

Any person who is in possession of such digital or electronic communications device shall return that device to his/her vehicle or the device must be secured in a locker, if available, at the security entry of the Scott County Courthouse.


  1. Employees and elected officials of the State of Iowa or Scott County, subject to any approved work rules or policies limiting the use of such devices by employees during work hours.
  2. Attorneys admitted to the Bar in the State of Iowa or Illinois, including attorneys admitted pro hac vice. However, such equipment shall not be used at any time in a courtroom unless permitted by the presiding judge, and will not be allowed if the attorney is present for jury service.
  3. Iowa law enforcement personnel present for court business.
  4. Members of the media present to attend a court proceeding for which an Expanded Media Coverage order has been entered.
  5. Persons who are present only for the purpose of attending a ceremonial proceeding such as an adoption, wedding, or judicial investiture.
  6. Persons providing services to the Judicial Branch on a scheduled basis, such as mediators, domestic violence advocates, Family Drug Court coordinator, or other specifically authorized persons who may work for a community agency or not-for-profit organization.
  7. Persons who are present in the Courthouse in connection with facility repair, upkeep or expansion, and which may include architects, contractors, bidders or prospective bidders, who are authorized or accompanied by Scott County employees.

This Order is effective as of the 24th day of May, 2010, and shall be applied equally and fairly to all persons who enter the Scott County Courthouse