Child Support

Child Support Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I check on child support or alimony payments?

The individual receiving or sending the support making the inquiry must come in person to the Clerk's office and provide proper identification to obtain the information. Contact the Clerk's office (by phone or in person) for more information.

How do I terminate my child support obligation when my child turns 18?

Child Support may be terminated only if all conditions in the dissolution decree are met. Contact your attorney for information regarding termination of the child support obligation.

How do I change my address with the Clerk's Office?

The individual changing his/her address must do so personally at the Clerk's office or by mailing the information to us at Clerk of Court, 400 W 4th St Davenport, IA 52801. We cannot take address information over the phone.

One of my children is turning 18 soon, how do I let my employer know of the change?

If the Child is not attending College and if the child support payments are current,
the party requesting termination of the Income Withholding Order must submit the Motion (a request) to terminate the Income Withholding Order in writing to the Clerk. He/She will then have to appear before a District Court Judge at Order Hour (Mon - Fri 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. or 1:30pm to 2:00pm) for approval of the Motion. The Judge may need more information to make the decision and may set a Hearing date regarding the Motion, giving both sides a chance to speak regarding the Child Support Obligation.

My child support obligation is satisfied, I am not on speaking terms with my ex, how can I get is satisfied?

The party seeking the satisfaction must obtain child support payment records from the clerk and if applicable, from child support recovery unit. He/she must then motion the court for a satisfaction.

How can I tell if I'm current on my child support?

The clerk does not keep track of balances. However, if your payments are made through the clerk's office, we will be able to give you a print out of all child support payments received.