Tax Offset

Why is my state income tax being withheld?

The Department of Revenue and Finance notifies the party through the mail that their Refund is being withheld. The State of Iowa will withhold an Income Tax Refund if there are court fines, court appointed attorney fees or Court costs due to the State of Iowa.

How do I find out which case the refund is being applied to?

The Scott County Clerk Of Court's Accounting Department is able to determine where the funds are being applied using the parties social security number.

Funds owed to the State of Iowa, City, County or for Victim Restitution may be taken out of a State Income Tax Return.

My spouse owes the state, county, or city money. Will our entire refund be taken?

If there is a joint income tax filed, both social security numbers are checked and verified for monies owed.

I already paid the money that I owe, do I get my refund back?

If there is money sent to the clerk's office that has been paid prior to receiving the department and revenue and finance's check, it will be forwarded to the person whose income tax has been withheld.