Treasurer by Appointment

Vehicle registration renewal or property tax and/or special assessment payment, please go to to process transactions.

Make appointments at:

Title Transfers by Appointment Only (ownership change or move-in from out of state). Appointments for all services may be made online or by calling 563-326-8664.

For both locations:

  • Administrative Center
    600 W. 4th St., Davenport
  • County General Store
    902 W. Kimberly Rd., Suite 6D, Davenport

Cancel or Reschedule an Appointment:

You may cancel an appointment by going to and select "Find Appointment" in the upper left of the screen.

Search for your appointment by entering your name, email address and phone number.

If you want to reschedule or cancel one of the appointments, click the link and the appointment will open a tab.

Arrive without cell phone:

If you make an appointment and enter our office without a cell phone, to “arrive” your appointment, you may engage a customer service representative at the counter to “arrive” your appointment so you may be waited on at the next available station.

Customer Testimonials

"Smoother and faster than expected."

"Effortless experience. I like the ability to schedule an on-site appointment."

"No complaints about scheduling. Your text setup and your staff were outstanding."

"The best experience I've ever had at your facility. Thanks!"

"It's a relief to know that when I arrive I won't be slowed down by a long line."

May 29, 2020