Property Tax

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Due Dates:

  1. First installment is due by September 30th
  2. Second installment is due by March 31st of the following year

Each year property taxes are certified in July or August and collected in two equal installments; Interest begins the first business day after the installment due date. Note: If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline will extend to the next business day.

Where to pay:

There are several ways to make property tax payments.

  • Online:
  • By mail:
    • Payments to 600 W 4th St, Davenport, IA 52801-1003
  • In person:
  • Drop box:
    • Scott County Administrative Center - 600 W. 4th St., Davenport. Drop box is located in the west side of the parking lot.
    • Scott County General Store - 902 W. Kimberly Rd. Suite 6D, Davenport. Drop box is affixed to the building next to the entrance door.

Payment options and corresponding service delivery fees:

When paying by mail or drop box, always use a check. If paying in person at the office or online, the following service delivery fees apply.

Type At the counter Online
Cash No Fee Not Accepted
Check/E-check No Fee $0.25 cents per transaction.
Credit Card 2.25% 2.25%
Debit Card $2.00 per transaction. Not Accepted

Delinquent Taxes:

Delinquent taxes are published in June and subject to the annual tax sale on the third Monday of June when a tax sale certificate is issued to the purchaser. If the taxes are not purchased after two publications, a tax sale certificate is issued to Scott County. If the taxes are not redeemed within a given period of time the certificate holder will be given deed to the property. Properties taken this way by the County are usually sold at an auction.

Iowa Disabled and Senior Citizens Property Tax and Mobile Home Tax Credits:

Claims for Iowa Disabled and Senior Citizens Property Tax and Mobile Home Tax Credits are filed with the Treasurer's Office by June 1st of each year. The State of Iowa then reimburses these credits to the County Treasurer along with the homestead, agricultural land, machinery and computer, family farm, and military credits, which are applied for through the Assessor's offices. Scott County Assessor | Davenport City Assessor