Due to the social distancing requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Scott County Treasurer's Office is cancelling the 2020 annual tax sale.  This is a decision determined by each county treasurer.

Delinquent taxes are published in June and subject to the annual tax sale on the third Monday of June when a tax sale certificate is issued to the purchaser. If the taxes are not purchased after two publications, a tax sale certificate is issued to Scott County. If the taxes are redeemed within a given period of time the certificate holder will be given deed to the property. Properties taken this way by the County are usually sold at an auction.

An Iowa license plate.

A bill of sale is required on title transfers between individuals. A purchase agreement is required if the purchase is from a dealership.

Front entrance of the general store.

The Scott County General Store provides Treasurer services behind the Village Shopping Center (North West side).

Cartoon image of a magnifying glass over a property report.

Scott County Assessor, Auditor, Treasurer and Davenport City Assessor records are searchable by name, address or parcel number.