Reserve Deputy Sheriff

Application Deadline: Sunday, March 31, 2024, 4:30pm Central Time. Expired!

Scott County is accepting online applications for the following position.

Job Title: Reserve Deputy Sheriff

Closing Date/Time: Sunday, 3/31/2024, 4:30 pm


Job Type: Volunteer

Location: Davenport, Iowa

Job Summary

Ensure the preservation of the peace and the protection of life and property. Maintain and enforce Federal, State and local laws. Serve the court(s) in it's various functions. Serve as liaison to the community.

Job Responsibilities

1.Observe, report and investigate violations of applicable laws and ordinances to enforce law, maintain public peace and protect life and property.

2.Provide prompt response and back-up for other Deputy(s) and other agencies as necessary.

3.Assist at the scene of incidents to ensure prompt response, preserve order and take appropriate action(s).

4.Complete comprehensive reports of activities on a periodic basis.

5.Attend briefings to exchange information related to departmental objectives and cover administrative topics.

6.Attend Court proceedings or appear at Hearings to assist or give testimony.

7.Participate on internal/external committees/task-forces as assigned or necessary.

8.Provide on-the-job training and assistance for deputies to familiarize them with appropriate policies and procedures.

9.Serve as a liaison between the Sheriff's Office and the community in an effort to present, coordinate and increase awareness of various community relations/involvement programs.

10.Perform or arrange for routine maintenance on assigned County vehicle as necessary.

11.Provide input on operational policies/procedures.

12.Serve as "first responder" at scenes until relieved by supervisor or ultimate response agency.

13.Perform other job-related duties as necessary or assigned.

Special Assignments

Patrol, Community Relations, Emergency Services Team (E.S.T.)

Standards for Initial Consideration


High school graduate or GED equivalent required. Successfully complete required Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA). College course-work in related field beneficial.

Work Experience:

Experience in law enforcement, security, corrections or military is beneficial.

Essential Skills:

Must possess a valid Iowa driver's license and satisfactory driving record (Verified).

Ability to obtain a gun permit, carry, and qualify with department approved weapons

Ability to apply knowledge of criminal and civil processes when exercising personal and independent judgment in the performance of duties.

Knowledge of human relations/behavior when confronting victims, witnesses, suspects and/or the general public during performance of duties.

Ability to operate equipment including, but not limited to: chemical munitions, baton, personal computer equipment, radar system, tint meter, photocopier, radio system, audio-visual, CPR mask and first-aid equipment, rescue equipment.

Ability to utilize effective oral, written and listening communication skills with a wide range of audiences. Ability to utilized conflict negotiation and de-escalation methods.

Ability to organize job responsibilities to meet shifting priorities.

Ability to maintain certifications as required by law.

Ability to safely operate emergency vehicles and approved weapons.

Ability to coordinate efforts and cooperate with other agencies/jurisdictions.

Ability to work as a member of an internal/external team.

Ability to collect physical evidence and other information.

Ability to exemplify, by his or her actions, the County's PRIDE philosophy.

License and Certification Requirements:

Must be 21 years of age. Must possess an Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA) issued Reserve Peace Officer certification or obtain certification within eighteen (18) months of hire. Additional certifications will be required as mandated by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy (ILEA). Must be an Iowa resident. Must past a background check, including a polygraph examination, and a medical physical as required by ILEA.


This position is not benefit eligible.