Benefits at a Glance

The following is a glance summary of benefits provided to non-union County employees. Benefits for employees covered under a collective bargaining agreement may vary somewhat depending on specific contract provisions.

Medical, Dental and Vision Insurance

Scott County provides major medical, dental and optical insurance coverage to all eligible full and part-time employees. The single premium for the benefits and a portion of the dependent premium is paid by the County. A prescription drug benefit is included in the medical plan, which covers the full cost of prescribed covered drugs after a deductible is satisfied. Additional information concerning insurance benefits will be provided upon enrollment.

Life Insurance

The County provides each eligible employee coverage under a group life insurance policy.

Long Term Disability

Benefit eligible employees are provided with a long term disability insurance policy with the premium paid entirely by the County. The amount of coverage is percentage of the employee’s annual salary, following a determination of eligibility and a waiting period. Specific details are found in the insurance plan document.

Employee Assistance Program

UnitedHealthcare’s Care24 offers confidential, professional counseling to Scott County employees and their dependents. Counselors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at no cost.

Employee Wellness

Scott County makes employee wellness a priority through a variety of resources and programs.

Iowa Public Employees Retirement System

The Iowa Public Employees Retirement System, designed as a supplement to Social Security, required mandatory participation by all County employees unless specifically excluded by law. Employees contribute to IPERS through payroll deduction each pay period. An employee is vested after seven years. When retiring at age 55 or older, there is a monthly payout of employee and County contributions.

Deferred Compensation

The County offers a deferred compensation program for employees interested in placing a portion of their current income into a tax-sheltered investment plan for the purpose of building retirement security. Participation in this program is entirely voluntary. Non-represented employees are eligible for County matching contributions of $.50 for every dollar up to $1,000.00 per year as explained in the Human Resources Policy Manual. Bargaining Unit employees should consult their agreements.

Flexible Spending Accounts

The County offers employees the option of using a portion of their before tax compensation for one or more of the following flexible benefit plans - 1) Premium only plan for health insurance premium; 2) Dependent Care Reimbursement Account; 3) Health Care Reimbursement Account.

Tuition Reimbursement

After the employee's probationary period has been completed, the County will reimburse 75% of the cost for tuition and books with a maximum reimbursement of $1200 per year. The course(s) must be work related and the employee must receive a "C" or better as the final grade. Requests must be approved by the Human Resources Director. If in a union, please refer to your contract book or contact HR for reimbursement details.

Holiday Schedule

The County recognizes 10 holidays and generally provides two (2) floating holidays. (The applicability of holidays may be dependent on the employee group.) Fixed holidays are set by the Board of Supervisors pursuant to Administrative Policies.

Vacation Schedule

Scott County employees accrue paid vacation time, prorated on a pay period basis as follows:

Years of Continuous Service - Hours per Year - Accrual Rate Per Pay Period

  • Less than 1 year: 48 hours - 1.85 hours
  • More than 1 year, less than 5 years: 80 hours - 3.08 hours
  • More than 5 years, less than 13 years: 120 hours - 4.62 hours
  • More than 13 years, less than 20 years: 160 hours - 6.16 hours
  • Over 20 years: 200 hours - 7.70 hours

Leaves of Absence

Scott County provides leaves of absences for sickness, maternity, death in the family, inclement weather, civil leave, military, on-the-job injury, and public service. The policies concerning paid and unpaid leaves of absence and the procedures to apply for a leave are governed by the Scott County Personnel policies.

Day Care Referral

Iowa Child Care Resource & Referral Center links parents with innovative child care services and benefits at no cost to the employee. The agency offers access to childcare referrals to an employee twice within a six-month period. Referrals can also be arranged for employees who work nontraditional hours or shifts. 

Direct Deposit

Employees' pay is conveniently deposited in their bank account every other Friday.

Employee Recognition

In appreciation for their long-standing contribution to County service, eligible full and part-time employees shall receive a recognition award beginning at five years of continuous service and every five years thereafter at the regularly scheduled Committee of the Whole meeting.

In recognition of outstanding service, an employee (nominated and selected by fellow employees) is recognized as Scott County Employee of the Quarter.

Understanding Benefits

If any Scott County employee needs help understanding their benefits, Human Resources is here to help. One such tool HR uses to keep employees regularly informed about benefits is with the benefits bulletin emails.

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