Healthy Lifestyles Program

Roadmap to Wellness Picture

The County has a long term practice of focusing on employee wellness programs and activities.

The focus on wellness is to improve the employee's long term health and quality of life. Emphasis on wellness, specifically metabolic syndrome, reduces insurance costs related to diabetes, heart disease, etc. 

Employees & Spouses on the health plan are invited to participate in Scott County's Healthy Lifestyles program that includes biometric screenings & WellSteps.

WellSteps is a program that allows individuals to earn points by participating in a variety of wellness activities such as completing a health risk questionnaire, receiving an age appropriate preventative screening, or even accomplishing your own personal goal!

We know the path to overall wellness looks different for everyone and through the WellSteps program you now have the ability to customize how you participate. Take a look at the Healthy Lifestyles handout that will walk you through all of the details of the program.