Employee Benefit: Benefits Bulletin

Benefits Bulletin is an email list informing benefit eligible Scott County Employees and dependents of upcoming benefit news.

Employees enrolled in a family insurance package have most benefit program coverage extended to the employee’s dependents such as a spouse or children.

Benefits Bulletin keeps employees and dependents current with information about the various benefit programs. Sign up today with your work or home e-mail address.

When will emails be sent?

Emails will be sent periodically to notify you of benefit updates including:

  • Benefit design changes
  • Open enrollment periods
  • Health and wellness benefits
  • Benefit program highlights
  • Benefit parameters and frequently asked questions

Who should join Benefit Bulletin?

  • Scott County employees
  • Dependents of Scott County employees on the family health plan
  • Retiree or COBRA participants
  • Other participants currently receiving Scott County benefits
    • Scott County Library Employees
    • Scott Emergency Communication Center Employees
    • Scott County Assessor
    • Scott County EMA