Public Safety Authority

The Public Safety Authority consists of a three member commission appointed by the City and County.

The three commissioners are:

  • Dale Barber
  • Treasurer
  • Carolyn Scheibe

The Scott County Administrator, provides staff support to the Authority.

If you have questions about the Authority call Scott County Administrator at (563) 326-8734 or using the contact form.

The Scott County Public Safety Authority was created by joint action of the Davenport City Council and the Scott County Board of Supervisors in June 2004. This Authority was created pursuant to Iowa Code Chapter 346.27 in recognition of the joint efforts being made by both the City and County in exploring joint services and space areas in the County's jail project and the City's Law Enforcement Center project.

The areas of potential joint services include centralized booking, communications, property and evidence storage, building connection, forensic lab, warrants, records, and fingerprinting services.

Agendas & Minutes