Elected Officials Swearing In January 2, 2019

Swearing in Treasurer Mike Fennelly.
Swearing in Attorney Michael Walton.
Swearing in Recorder Rita Vargas.
Swearing in Supervisor Ken Croken.
Swearing in Supervisor Brinson L. Kinzer.
Swearing in Supervisor John D. Maxwell.

Scott County welcomes new and returning elected officials during the swearing in ceremony on Wednesday, January 2, 2019.

Oaths were administered by Chief Judge Marlita A. Greve.

Pictured here are:

  • Treasurer Mike Fennelly
  • Attorney Mike Walton
  • Recorder Rita Vargas
  • Supervisor Ken Croken
  • Supervisor Brinson L. Kinzer
  • Supervisor John D. Maxwell
January 2, 2019