Pool Rules

Pool Rules:

  • State law requires a shower before entering the pool.
  • No plaster casts or bandages allowed in the pool.
  • No person having any infectious disease or extreme sunburn will be allowed in the pool.
  • No outside food or drink allowed.
  • All food and drink in concessions area only.
  • Proper swimwear required.
  • All swimmers not toilet trained must wear a swim diaper (these are available for purchase).
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by a person 15 or older.
  • No water wings or inflatable's are permitted.
  • No tobacco usage or alcohol allowed.
  • Management not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Follow all posted rules and directions of the lifeguard staff.
  • We will not open if the air or water temperature is below 65° or weather conditions are threatening. Sorry we are not able to give refunds due to closing for weather conditions.
  • No running on the deck, dunking, or rough play in and around pool.
  • No diving in the shallow end of the swimming pool and in other areas marked "No Diving".
  • No flips, or back dives from side of pool.
  • To use deep end you must be able to swim 2 widths of the pool front crawl.
  • No objects in big pool except for goggles masks, fins, snorkels, and small soft sponge balls.

Lifejacket Usage:

  • Weak or non-swimmers are permitted to use only a properly fitted and labeled Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD).
  • A "responsible person" (at least 15 yrs of age) must remain within arm's reach at all times.
  • PFD's are not permitted on diving boards or water slides.

Diving Rules:

  • Head and neck injuries can result from improper diving.
  • No inwards, gainers, or back flips.
  • Go straight off the end of board.
  • No gymnastics on boards.
  • No dive or jump with a twist or turn.
  • Do not run on boards.
  • Only one bounce per dive.
  • Do not start up ladder until previous person has left the board.
  • Only one person at a time on board.
  • Do not go off board until previous person has reached side.
  • Exit diving area as quickly as possible.
  • Follow the posted diving patterns.
  • Lifejackets/Personal Flotation Device’s are not permitted on diving boards.

Water Slide Rules:

  • Riders must enter the slide in a sitting position and wait for instructions from the lifeguard stationed at the slide starter tub.
  • All riders must be at least forty eight inches (48") tall.
  • Maximum rider weight is three hundred (300) pounds.
  • Riders must lie on their backs at all times. Do not sit up while riding the slide.
  • Do not pull or propel yourself into the ride.
  • No combs or foreign objects are allowed in pockets and no jewelry car be worn while riding the slide. No cut off jeans or swim wear with exposed zippers, buckles rivets or metal ornamentation; only approved swim suits allowed.
  • All riders must ride feet first while lying on their back with arms crossed across their chest. Do not go down the slide head first.
  • No running, standing, kneeling, rotating, tumbling or stopping in the flume. Arms and hands must remain inside the flume at all times. Riders should remain in proper riding position until forward movement is terminated. At no time should the rider attempt to stand up while on the slide or prior to coming to a complete stop in the splash out area.
  • Only one rider at a time. Absolutely no trains or chains of riders are permitted.
  • No tubes, mats, or life jackets are permitted on the water slide.
  • The line should form on the deck with one rider on each landing and one rider in the starter tub. Wait until landing area is clear before entering.
  • Riders must be in good health. Elderly persons, those suffering from heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, or persons using prescription medication should consult their physician before using this slide. Individuals with medical conditions including, but not limited to pregnancy, heart, or back problems should not ride.
  • Do not use this slide while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • No diving from the slide.
  • Leave the plunge pool promptly after entering.
  • Non-swimmers are not permitted.
  • WARNING: Water depth is 3 feet 6 inches.
  • Rider assumes all risk of injury due to misuse of this slide or failure to follow these rules.

Spray Pad Rules:

  • Do not swallow pool water and avoid getting it in your mouth
  • Do not climb on or shake spray features
  • No running in spray pad area
  • Diaper changing in family restrooms only

WARNING "Failure to follow rules can result in serious injury"

Scott County Conservation Board Park Rules and Regulations
govern the use of park and recreation areas

In addition to the rules and regulations, all state laws apply to conduct in county areas.

Any violation of the rules can result in the denial of park privileges. The state conservation code gives county conservation officers the right to deny park privileges in county parks.