Can I build a garage on my property?

Accessory buildings may be built no closer than 10 feet from the rear and side yard property lines and no closer than 50 feet from the edge of the front road right-of-way.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Construction

Do I need a permit?

  • Yes, if the garage/accessory building is attached to the house.
  • Yes, if the garage/accessory building is larger than 120 square feet.

How do I obtain a permit?

  • Provide a plot plan showing where the garage/accessory building is going with dimensions to the property line (be exact as possible).
  • In addition to the plot plan, 2 sets of plans with dimensions of lumber / rafters / trusses / headers should also be submitted.
  • For Single Family Residential One Story Detached Garage building guide, go to
    • Click on Downloads & Handouts
    • Click on link associated with Garages

Do I need frost footings?

  • Yes, if the garage/accessory building is attached to the house or another building on frost footings OR the garage/accessory building is larger than 720 square feet.
  • No, if the garage/accessory building is 720 square feet or less, a frost footing is not required. However, a 12" by 12" perimeter footing is required with two (2) ½" rebar.
  • All sod is to be removed from the garage/accessory building floor area.

Can the garage/accessory building have electricity?

  • Yes. All electricity in garages/accessory buildings for convenient outlets are required to be GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected and all sidewall wiring is to be covered with sheetrock or other approved material.

If you have any questions on garage/accessory building construction in Scott County, feel free to call the Scott County Building Inspector at (563) 326-8643.