Building Permits

Scott County Planning and Development issues building permits and performs inspections for unincorporated Scott County and, through an intergovernmental 28E agreement the department also for the Cities of Dixon, Donahue, LeClaire, McCausland, Panorama Park, and Riverdale.

Prior to submitting for county building permits for work in the cities of Dixon, Donahue, LeClaire, McCausland, Panorama Park, and Riverdale, please contact the respective city to obtain zoning approval of the proposed construction. Include documentation of that zoning approval with your county permit submittal

  • City of Dixon – City Hall, 610 Davenport St, Dixon, IA 52745, 563-843-3425
  • City of Donahue - City Hall, 106 E 1st Ave, Donahue, IA 52746, 563-282-4173
  • City of LeClaire – LeClaire online permitting website
    • Include county building permit application forms with LeClaire zoning approval submittals
  • City of McCausland – City Hall, 302 N Salina St, McCausland, IA 52758, 563-225-3600
  • City of Panorama Park – City Hall, 120 Short St, Panorama Park, IA 52722, 563-293-1293
  • City of Riverdale – City Hall, 110 Manor Dr, Riverdale, IA 52722, 563-355-2511

County permit applications can be found here

For permit and inspection information for other cities in Scott County contact that city website.

Building codes adopted by Scott County

2015 IBC, IRC; the 2015 UPC; the 2014 NEC; and the 2015 UMC.