Planning & Zoning Meetings Procedure

Meetings are normally held in the 1st Floor Board Room, Administrative Center, 600 W. 4th St., Davenport, Iowa. Click for directions.

Generally, if there have been no applications submitted by the deadline, the Planning and Zoning Commission will not hold a meeting. Please call the Planning and Development office, (563) 326-8643, by noon of the meeting (public hearing) date to verify the meeting, its time, and location.

Public Hearing/Meeting Procedure:

  1. Chairman reads public notice of hearing.
  2. Director reviews background of request.
  3. Applicant /Representative provide any additional comments on request.
  4. Public may make comments or ask questions.
  5. Director makes staff recommendation.
  6. Applicant may respond or comment.
  7. Commission members may ask questions.
  8. Chairman closes the public portion of the hearing (No more public comments).
  9. Discussion period for the Commission members.
  10. Commission members make motion to approval, deny, or modify request.
  11. Final vote. Recommendation goes to Board of Supervisors.

Please turn off or silence all cell phones and other electronic devices.