Rental Regulation Owner Information

Adoption of Regulations Requiring Registration and Annual Rental Licenses for the Multi-Family and Townhouse Units in Park View

On September 3, 2020 the Scott County Board of Supervisors adopted amendments to the International Property Maintenance Code which requires the registration of all multi-family and townhouse rental units. These regulations require:

  • All property owners/landlords to register their property as rental units and provide contact information for both the owner and local property manager.
  • All property owners/landlords conduct background checks on all current and future occupants of the units over the age of eighteen (18).

The Sheriff’s Office will conduct background checks at no charge with the information provided by the owner/landlord. Or such background checks may be conducted by another local jurisdiction qualified to do such checks and proof of the completion of such checks must be submitted to the Sheriff’s Office.

  • All property owners/landlords must have written leases or rental agreements with all tenants and proof of such leases must also be submitted.
  • All property owners/landlords must submit a signed checklist provided by Scott County Planning and

Development attesting to the condition of the units and compliance with the minimum standards of the housing code.

Compliance with these regulations is required by January 2, 2021. The Board of Supervisors is not requiring any payment of fees at this time but may consider such fees in the future. All rental units must maintain a valid rental license which must be renewed on an annual basis each July 1.

Any inspections of such units are suspended until such time as COVID-19 restrictions will allow. However, when such restrictions have been lifted the Scott County Building Inspector is authorized, with due notice, to enter and make inspections of any rental unit to determine compliance with the requirements of the building code. Such inspections will only be completed following a complaint. Such inspections will be completed in a timely manner following notification of tenant and landlord upon receipt of a complaint from any tenant, landlord, or public official when a violation of this code is reasonably determined to exist and needs to be addressed. If such violations can be determined by photographic evidence or other credible means enforcement action can be initiated.

Lack of compliance or violations of this code can result in additional inspection fees, fines and suspension or revocation of the rental license.


All rental applications should be submitted via:

Email: [email protected]


Mail: Scott County Sheriff Department
400 W. 4th Street
Davenport, IA 52801