Zoning Ordinance & Map

Chapter 6 of the Scott County Code is also known as the Zoning Ordinance for Unincorporated Scott County.

Except as may be hereinafter specified, no land, building, structure, or premises, hereafter shall be used and no structure may be located, constructed, extended, converted, structurally altered or otherwise developed without full compliance with the terms of this Ordinance.

This Ordinance is hereby amended to carry out the objectives and policies of the Scott County Comprehensive Plan, 2008 with approved addendums and amendments, and Code of Iowa, Chapter 335 County Zoning, (2015).

The more specific purposes of this Ordinance are to:

  • implement the Comprehensive Plan and to preserve the availability of agricultural land;
  • protect farming operations; to promote the protection of soil from wind and water erosion;
  • encourage sound economic development including the creation of employment opportunities and the growth of the County tax base;
  • encourage efficient urban development patterns;
  • promote energy conservation and the reasonable access to solar energy;
  • protect the health, safety, and the general welfare;
  • conserve property values and protect property rights;
  • conserve and protect our other natural resources;
  • encourage the most appropriate use of land throughout the County.