Home Business

Can I run a home business?

Applications for Home Occupations/Home Industries are available at the Planning and Development Department, and must be approved prior to the initiation of the business.

Home Occupations are a secondary use permitted in residential and agricultural zoning districts which is conducted entirely within the residence by a member of the family residing on the premises. There must be no evidence of such occupation being conducted on the premises by virtue of exterior displays, outdoor storage, excessive noise, obnoxious odors, electrical disturbances or considerable vehicular traffic.

A Home Industry is a secondary use of a light industrial or commercial nature carried on entirely within the residence and/or accessory building by a member of the family residing on the premises where there is no evidence of such occupation being conducted on the premises by virtue of exterior displays or excessive noises, obnoxious odors, electrical disturbances, or significant increase in vehicular activity and complies with restrictions.

  • Home industries are allowed in areas zoned Agricultural Preservation (A-P) and Agricultural General (A-G). Home industries are NOT allowed in areas zoned Residential. They may include assembly, processing, fabrication, sale and repair of cars, light trucks, agricultural equipment and household appliances, warehousing and distribution, lawn service, contractors’ equipment storage, and sales of products prepared on site.
  • The home industry can not be located within 500 feet of a neighboring residence, business, or farming operations
  • Junk material/unassembled parts and equipment may be stored in a rear yard of a home industry if it is entirely enclosed with solid fence material, no larger than 1000 square feet in floor space, and not visible from adjoining properties and roads
  • No more than four (4) designated, inconspicuous, parking spaces
  • Traffic will not lead to increased dust problems or damage to the road
  • No more than 25% of the floor area of the residence can be devoted to the business
  • Home industry limit is 2,400 square feet of the accessory building


  • Home occupations - no more than one (1) non-resident assistant
  • Home industry - no more than four (4) non-resident employees (full or part time)

One advertising sign allowed:

  • Not larger than six (6) square feet
  • Placed flat against any one side of the building or placed no closer than fifty (50) feet of the road right-of-way if the building is located behind the fifty (50) foot building setback line
  • Not illuminated

A fee will be collected with the submittal of an application:

  • Home Occupation: $25
  • Home Industry: $50