Rural Address System

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for the implementation of the Rural Address System. Staff assigns addresses to buildings in unincorporated Scott County. The Planning and Development Department also maintains the Rural Address Map for the county.

Rural Address Maps

Adoption History

The Scott County Disaster Services Board on February 18, 1985 approved a recommendation that the County Board of Supervisors proceed with the adoption of a permanent County-wide address system, following appropriate planning, coordination, and design of the system. At the recommendation of the County Administrator, the Board of Supervisors on March 12, 1985 approved the establishment of a County Address System Task Force to plan and design an addressing system for rural Scott County. The Rural Address System was officially implemented in October 1, 1987.

The Rural Address System provides an address for all residents and businesses outside of city limits. A house number is given to every building and a street name or number is given to every public and private road in the unincorporated area of Scott County. This was done in the interest of developing uniform addressing for the whole County and to support the 911 emergency phone number program. The addressing system greatly simplifies the process of finding the exact location of residences in case of a fire, sheriff call, or medical emergency. The post office also adopted this addressing system.