Building Permit Requirements

Do I need a building permit?

Some construction does not need a building permit from this office:

The following need a permit:

Building or installing:

  1. Decks or a patio cover
  2. Fireplaces and chimneys
  3. Garages or pole buildings
  4. Ventilation, heating or air conditioning supply or exhaust
  5. Swimming pool 24" or greater in depth (above or in ground)
  6. Tool or storage sheds over 120 square feet
  7. Fences over 6 feet in height

Adding or changing:

  1. Rooms
  2. Dormers, bay windows or other wall openings
  3. Water heaters or any other parts of the plumbing system
  4. Furnaces, or any other parts of the heating and gas system
  5. Circuits, the electrical box or any other parts of the electrical system
  6. Aluminum, steel siding, wood and vinyl siding
  7. Load bearing walls to a porch, or within home
  8. Garage to a livable area
  9. Retaining walls over 4 feet in height

Replacing or Repairing:

  1. Roofing
  2. Termite damage (replacing siding, framing foundations, etc)
  3. Porches
  4. Existing stone, brick, or concrete


  1. Any structure, or part of a structure, or any other changes that affect the structure of any building, even a tool shed (over 120 square feet) on your property
  2. This requirement is to insure that demolished structures are disposed of properly and removed from the tax roles