Recording Requirements

Complete instructions for document formatting standards for the State of Iowa attachment at bottom of this page.

Documents for recording require the following:

All documents must be legible and reproducible and original signatures must be typed or printed as signed by the individual below the signature.

Documents must be dated, notarized and acknowledgment dated.

A minimum of 3 inch of empty space is required at the top of all documents for the recording information. Immediately below the space the following information is also required:

  • "Prepared by" name, address, and telephone number

All instruments conveying an interest in real property is required to have the following statement immediately below the Prepared by information:

  • "Address tax statement" name, address, and zip code

Complete legal description, including lot, block, addition and city, or section, township and range.

Affix corporate seal and use corporate acknowledgement when appropriate.

In addition to the above, DEEDS require the following:

Revenue tax affixed to represent the full sale price over $500.00 (Chart available at Recorder's office).  If exempt from revenue tax, exemption must be so stated on the face of the document. (Exemptions are listed in Code of Iowa Chapter 428A.2) Iowa Real Estate Transfer Tax Calculator & Tables

Any deed recorded after January 1, 1979 will be refused for recording unless a Declaration of Value Statement is submitted with the document.  This applies also to any documents of conveyance; Contracts and assignments of contracts on Quit Claim Deeds.  Certain documents are exempt from the Declaration of Value.

Effective July 1, 1987 each Declaration of Value submitted to the Recorder must ALSO have a Groundwater hazard Statement submitted with it. [Code of Iowa Sec. 558.69]  Groundwater Hazard Statements are exempt on all conveyances that are exempt of Declaration of Value except LEASES AND PLATS.

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