Trade Names

A trade name filing must be made by any person (sole proprietorship) or partnership engaged in business under a name different from their own true surname. A trade name essentially informs the public "who" they are doing business with but registering does not create any proprietary rights in the name.

Corporations or limited liability companies organized in this state or authorized to do business in this state do not file for a trade name. All other trade names are filed with the county recorder in the county where the business is located.

  • The fee for filing a Trade Name is specified in Iowa Code Secs.331.604, 331.605A
  • To register a trade name, a verified statement (trade name form) must be recorded with the county recorder.

Important note: When printing the trade name form, please be sure to print on legal size paper (8.5" x 14"). Forms submitted on any other size paper will not be accepted. If you cannot print legal size, please contact or visit the Recorder's Office.

For more reference Iowa Code Chapter 547.

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