Any County Recorder in Iowa can receive and process an application for marriage license as long as the ceremony is to be performed in Iowa. 

For questions and assitance, call 563-326-8650 between 8am to 4pm. 


Application Instructions

  • Please submit your completed marriage application at least two weeks before your anticipated ceremony date.
  • Open the PDF links titled Application for License to Marry and Marriage Address-Instructions (found above), use the fillable fields, and print. Note, you must fill in all boxes unless it is specified as "optional".
  • Each party needs to sign application in presence of a Notary. Photo identification (drivers license or state ID) is required. A Notary can be found at most banks, credit unions, and some libraries.
  • Ensure you have the completed Application for License to Marry, Marriage Address form and a local check** or money order for $35 made payable to the Scott County Recorder, before submiting. Incomplete applications may cause significant delays in processing times.
  • Mail the completed forms to Scott County Recorder's Office at 600 W. 4th St., Davenport, IA 52801, or deposit in the county drop box (west side of Admin. Bldg.).

** Check number must be equal to or greater than 500.

Common Errors

  • #1 error, in the Notary Public section on the line for “Write name exactly as appears on I.D.”, the Notary needs to put the applicant name, NOT the notary name.
  • #2 error, in the Party A and Party B sections, when asked for Last Name Prior to ANY Marriage, put in your childhood/maiden name before ANY marriages. This applies to all parties, male and female.
  • #3 error, your witness must be over the age of 18 and can not officiate the ceremony.

When Application Is Received by the Recorders Office

  • In Scott County, the Marriage License is issued when the application is received. However, there is a four (4) day waiting period before the actual marriage may occur.
  • The date marriage license is valid appears on the license.
  • Once the Certificate of Marriage has been returned to the Recorder's office and placed on record, a certified copy will be mailed to the newlyweds.