Electronic Monitoring

The purpose of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office Electronic Monitoring program is to provide an alternative form of incarceration to control and house selected Scott County inmates. All defendants approved for In-Home Detention shall serve two days of In-Home Detention for each day of incarceration imposed. All inmates on electronic monitoring are subject to the same rules and regulations governing all Scott County Jail inmates.

How to get setup

Your attorney will give you an information packet. In that packet is an Intake Sheet and a Rules & Regulations Sheet (Attached). Fill out both sheets. Once all the required items have been turned in and the money paid, a date will be set to start the program.

Before a hookup can be scheduled you need to bring in the following:

  • $10 per day cash or money order
  • Work/School verification
  • Intake sheet & rules and regulations sheets (Attached below)

For questions and assistance, contact:

  • Alternative Sentencing Coordinator: 563-328-3250
  • Program Services Supervisor: 563-326-8750

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Electronic Monitoring?

It’s a transmitter attached to the ankle of a person that sends a continuous signal to a satellite tracking movement.

Do I need a phone?

No, but one is recommended so we may get a hold of you if need be.

Is there a cost involved?

Yes, $10.00 per day. If the sentence is 14 days, or less, the fee must be paid in advance. For longer sentences, you will be required to pay half in advance, or as directed by the Courts. if you are found indigent.

Am I responsible for the equipment?

Yes.  The company furnishing the equipment will hold you responsible for any misuse or replacement costs.

Am I allowed to continue to work?

Yes, at the discretion of the Court.  Be advised that the Sheriff’s Office will only allow you to work up to 12 hours per day, 6 days per week, unless otherwise approved by the Court. You must have a letter, on company letterhead stationary, verifying your hours, length of employment with current employer, and signed by your supervisor. Your work schedule must be permanent. No changes will be permitted without 4 days written notice given to the Sheriff’s Office.

Am I monitored while at work?

Yes, you will be monitored 24 hours a day by GPS to make sure you are where you should be.

Am I allowed to leave my residence for any reason?

No, unless specified in the Court order for things such as substance abuse counseling or medical/mental treatment.

What if there is an emergency?

Without hesitation, deal with the emergency and we will obtain information the next day to verify the emergency. Notify jail staff immediately.

What are the limitations of my home?

Confines are the inside perimeters of your home.  Attached porches, decks and garages are included.  No yards.

Are movements restricted because of the bracelet?

There are no restrictions as to work, bathing, exercising, etc.

What happens if I violate?

All violations will be reviewed by the Court and are subject to termination of the program, and possible reinstatement of an extended jail sentence.


The Scott County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank the 7th Judicial District, the Iowa Department of Corrections, the Scott County Board of Supervisors and the Scott County Administrator for making this program available.