Identification / Fingerprinting

A fingerprint at the scanner.

The I.D. Officer is responsible for obtaining classifiable fingerprint cards, ensure all prints are clear, placed on correct cards and filled out correctly. The I.D. Officer understands criminal charges and the corresponding Iowa code section numbers. They have a workable knowledge of Livescan, TFP Mugshot station and all components. The officer ensures all serious misdemeanors or above are fingerprinted. A set of those prints are sent to DCI and the FBI. The I.D. Officer has an understanding of investigative search, photo lineups and ink method fingerprints.

Ink prints are required to do major case prints. (Major case prints consist of fingers and fingertips, palm sides and palms.) Daily and monthly audits are conducted which include number of arrests or bookings, numbers of fingerprints done by each officer, number of prints done for those who failed to register as sex offenders, applicant prints, number of those booked into the facility during the month, and courtesy prints.

Mugshots are taken by the Printrak system which allows the Sheriff's Office to distribute the mugshots to both State and Local agencies. They are then stored in the TFP Mugshot Display Station where they can be recalled for viewing and hard copies can be obtained. All booked inmates have mugshots taken and are required to wear an identification wristband.