Scott County Jail

Entrance to the Scott County Courthouse and Jail dedication ceremony.
A housing unit at the Scott County Jail.

The Scott County Jail is a 394 bed 24/7 facility that serves the communities and various law enforcement agencies of Scott County. The Jail is overseen by the Sheriff of Scott County and employs more than 70 corrections staff.

The Scott County Jail is a direct supervision facility with correctional officers being placed in housing units to observe and interact with inmates rather than isolating them behind bars or traditional barriers.

The Scott County Jail is the main detention facility of Scott County.

The jail accommodates not only the county system, but the 7th Judicial District and adult and juvenile incarceration.

By Iowa State Statute, no one may be incarcerated in a county jail for more than one (1) year.

Effective intervention at the county level may to a significant degree prevent a person's continued involvement in crime.

Current inmate listings may be found at