Scott County Jail inmates can send and receive mail through U.S. Post Office to maintain ties with family, friends, attorneys, courts, and the community.

Inmate mail should be sent to:

  • <<Inmate’s name>>
    Scott County Jail
    400 W. 4th Street
    Davenport, IA 52801

The return address must include the sender’s full first name, last name, and return address.

The only writing allowed on the outside of the envelope is the mailing and return addresses. Any mail with excessive writing on the envelope will be returned.

Effective 3/11/2024, all personal mail sent to inmates will be photocopied, to include the envelope.  The original will be placed in the inmate's assigned property bag and the inmate will be given the copy of the mail.  Additionally all photographs that are mailed in must come directly from the company that printed them.  Photographs cannot be sent in with personal letters.  Examples of companies that will mail photographs include, but are not limited to,,, and  This policy includes greeting cards.

Stickers, tape, staples, and perfume are not allowed.

Inmates are not allowed to receive:

  • Cards larger than 6 x 9  
  • Packages
  • Pictures larger than 5 x 7 (This includes pictures that are printed on standard printer paper)
  • Pictures that contain nudity or are offensive and graphic
  • Polaroid pictures
  • Stamps or other postage
  • Blank paper & envelopes
  • Post-It notes
  • Anything with glitter / crayon / marker / paint
  • Third party mail
  • Mail from other penal institutions or other inmates within the Scott County Jail (without prior approval through the Programs Sergeant)


If mail is received that contains items that aren’t allowed the mail will be placed in the inmate’s property in its entirety.  No part of the mail will be sent to the inmate.

Inmates may receive money orders through the mail. Money orders are to be made payable to the inmate.

Inmates are allowed to receive unused paperback books, magazines, and newspapers directly from the publisher or local book stores, excluding convenient retail stores, i.e. “Osco or Walgreens” and resale stores.