Patrol Division


The Patrol Division of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for patrolling the county’s approximately 600 miles of roads located in an area that covers approximately 465 square miles. The Sheriff’s Office provides Law Enforcement Services throughout Scott County.

The primary concern of the patrol division are the unincorporated areas of the county, however, many times within the incorporated cities the Sheriff's Office is requested to assist city police agencies.

The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to all types of emergency and non-emergency calls for service. The uniformed deputy in the Patrol Division is a very visible member of the Sheriff’s Office driving marked patrol vehicles.

The Patrol Division is comprised of three shifts for 24/7 coverage and our SRO Unit. The Patrol Shifts are each manned by a Lieutenant, Sergeant, and five deputies.

SRO Unit

The SRO Unit is comprised of a Sergeant, two Deputies assigned to the Pleasant Valley School District, and one Deputy assigned to Scott Community College. 

Accident Investigation

Accident Investigators are responsible for responding to and investigating serious injury and or fatal accidents.

K-9 Unit

The K-9 Unit was started in 2006 with a single canine and has now increased to two canines.

Deputy K9 Denali is a Belgian Malinois that was obtained from North Iowa K9. She is a multi-purpose K9, meaning she can be utilized for narcotics searches, tracking of suspects, article searches, building searches, and bite apprehension. Denali’s first shift was on May 2nd, 2021.

Deputy K9 Echo is a Dutch German Shepard that was obtained from North Iowa K9. Echo is a multi-purpose K9, meaning he can be utilized for narcotic searches, tracking of suspects, article searches, building searches and bite apprehension. Echo’s first shift with his partner, Deputy Bunker, was on May 1st, 2022.