Service of Papers

The Civil Division is responsible for receiving, processing and serving civil and criminal court orders and legal documents. Scott County Sheriff’s Office deputies are responsible for service of papers for this division.

Civil Division is located in the lower level of the Scott County Courthouse at 400 W. 4th Street, Davenport, Iowa.

Hours of Operation:

  • Monday – Friday 8AM to 4:30PM


  • Civil 563-326-8627
  • Garnishments 563-326-8773
  • Sheriff Sales 563-326-8626

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office cannot give legal advice.

The Scott County Sheriff’s Office is mandated by the Code of Iowa to charge a fee for services of civil documents. The Scott County Sheriff’s Office can refuse to serve most civil documents without the payment of advance service fees.

Except for law firms with an established billing account, an advanced deposit is required for service. Personal and business checks, cash and money orders, and credit cards are acceptable methods of payment.

Deposits are required for:

  • General Execution / Wage Garnishment – $75.00
  • General Execution / Bank Levy – $110.00
  • Forcible – $75.00
  • Notices – $75.00
  • Orders – $75.00
  • Original Orders – $75.00
  • Petition – $75.00
  • Subpoena’s – $75.00
  • Summons – $75.00
  • Writ of Possession – $100.00
  • Writ of Replevin – $75.00

A log or case number associated with the Civil Service will be required to make payment.

The type of paper served and the location of service determines the amount of service fees required.

Pursuant to the Iowa Court Rules, after serving a document with a court case number, the Return of Service will be sent to the appropriate Clerk of Court. Duplicate copies of the Return of Service may be obtained by providing a self-addressed stamped envelope. If no court case number is indicated, the Return of Service will be sent to the person or firm who requested the service.

Before the Scott County Sheriff’s Office will serve any civil process paperwork, “Direction to the Sheriff” form and the required advance fees must be received along with the documents to be served.

  • A printable form of the Directions to the Sheriff is attached below.

Steps for obtaining Service of Papers

The “Direction to the Sheriff” form must accompany paperwork, directing the sheriff to whom and where to serve the civil paper. Civil papers require an advance deposit fee for service. Additional defendants or cases may require additional fees. If the fees incurred exceed your advance deposit fee, you will be contacted or billed for the difference. Our billing will be sent the month following service.

Along with the “Direction to Sheriff” form and deposit, the Sheriff’s Office requires 1 copy of the paperwork to be served. Those returns of service will be mailed to the party who sent said paperwork. If the paperwork is from Iowa or Illinois, we will EFILE our return of service.

All diligent searches will be assessed a fee of $30.