Scott County in High Level of Community Transmission - Updated August 11, 2021

bar graph of level of community transmission

The CDC continues to report Scott County in the HIGH level of transmission of the coronavirus.  The metrics the CDC uses to make this determination include a combination of total new cases per 100,000 persons in the past 7 days and percentage of positive diagnostic and screening tests during the last 7 days.

The CDC’s updated mask guidance recommends that masks be worn in indoor public spaces (regardless of vaccination status) for individuals living in communities with substantial or high levels of community transmission. 

The level of community transmission for any community will fluctuate.  The best form of protection against the virus continues to be vaccination for those age 12 and older.  Find a vaccination opportunity in our community by visiting

Our department will continue to post weekly updates on our level of community transmission of the virus.  Updates can be found at any time by visiting the CDC’s Data Tracker website at:

August 2, 2021