What to Expect

At the initial visit to the Scott County Sexual Health Clinic, a client will be asked if they are a Scott County resident or an Iowa resident. Iowa residents who are not a Scott County resident are eligible for HIV testing only. Scott County residents are eligible for testing and treatment for STIs, including HIV testing.

A $10 donation is suggested for STI services at the time of service. 

Clinic forms and instructions are provided by the Health Department receptionist. Upon completing the form, the client will be given an identification number and remain seated in the waiting room.

A clinician will meet with clients in a private room to take a health history and perform a physical exam. The clinician will provide HIV counseling and information about STIs and their prevention. 

Depending on the exam, the client may need lab work and/or blood drawn. If appropriate, the client may be given STI medication and/or the Hepatitis A/B vaccine. 

  • Not all test results are available the same day as the clinic visit. The client will be instructed when to call back for results.
  • Please allow an hour for your visit.
  • Child care is not available. Children must be left in the waiting room with a responsible caregiver.