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Care for Kids Developmental Screenings

What is Developmental Screening and How Can it Help?

Is my child on track?  At what age should my child sit up? It is normal to have questions about how your child is learning, behaving, or developing. Child development starts early, even before birth.  In the first three years of life, a brain develops 80 percent!  It is important to have a strong foundation of skills and abilities for later success and developmental screening can help.

Developmental screening checks a child’s communication, gross motor (moving big muscles), fine motor (moving small muscles), problem solving, and personal-social skills.  It is a private and hands-on way to show your child’s strengths and helps you support them as they learn. If your child needs help in any area, you will learn how to get help and support.

The Care for Kids Program at the Scott County Health Department offers developmental screenings to children under 6 years old at no charge.

How can my child get a screening?

  1. Ask your child’s doctor to do a developmental screening at your child’s next well-child exam or doctor’s visit.  The state of Iowa recommends screening at 9, 18, and 30 months of age.
  2. Get screened with Care for Kids.  Either fill out the Appointment Request Form and staff will contact you within 2-3 workdays or call Care for Kids at 563-328-4114. Staff will explain the screening steps and set up an appointment.

Early ACCESS Program

Early ACCESS is Iowa’s early intervention program.  Early intervention focuses on helping the caregivers of eligible infants and toddlers on how to support their child to learn the basic and brand-new skills that usually develop during the first three years of life.  Early skills include reaching, rolling, crawling, and walking, thinking, learning, solving problems, talking, listening, understanding, playing, feeling secure and happy, and self-help.

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