I-Smile Iowa HHS Logo

What is I-Smile™?

I-Smile ™ is a statewide program that helps connect Iowa's children with dental care. The program works to improve the dental care system for families. All across Iowa, dental hygienists serve as I-Smile™ Coordinators to assist children and be a resource for physicians, schools, and dental offices.

Who does I-Smile™ help?

I-Smile™ is available to any child who needs help accessing dental care.


What does I-Smile™ do?

I-Smile™ works to:

  • Connect families to dentists.
  • Help families find dental coverage and health insurance resources.
  • Builds partnerships with doctors, dentists, and community partners.


Why are these services important?

Healthy teeth help children talk, eat, and smile with confidence. Healthy habits begin early. Once the first tooth erupts or by age one, children should visit a dentist.


How do I contact I-Smile™?

Call the I-Smile™ Coordinator at 563-328-4114.